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[During the World Championship Selection] The five events of the 46th World Skills Competition Guizhou Province (Qiannan Division) officially started in our college

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月28日,第46届世界技能大赛网络系统管理、网络安全、商务软件解决方案、网站设计与开发、塑料模具工程五个项目贵州省(黔南赛区)选拔赛在我院开幕。 On December 28, the 46th Guizhou Province (Qiannan Division) trials for the network management, network security, business software solutions, website design and development, and plastic mold engineering of the 46th World Skills Competition opened in our college.

He De, a second-level investigator of Guizhou Vocational Skills Appraisal Center, spoke and announced the opening of the competition. Director Qian Jianhui of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Qiannan Prefecture attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Dean Liu Meng delivered a speech, and He Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College presided over the opening ceremony. Experts, referees, leaders, coaches, and contestants of the Chinese training team of each project participated in the project. Opening ceremony.


Secretary He Jun presided over the opening ceremony

Researcher He De pointed out in his speech that the holding of the 46th World Tournament Guizhou Provincial Selection Tournament is to deeply implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, build an army of knowledgeable, skilled and innovative laborers and strengthen the work of highly skilled personnel in our province. The important measure is the practical action of the important instructions of the intern chairman and Premier Li, focusing on providing a platform for outstanding talents to stand out; focusing on promoting learning through competition, promoting training through competition, promoting education through competition, and promoting awards through competition; Study skills, summarize and communicate with each other, achieve common improvement and common progress; focus on creating a good atmosphere of “glorious labor, valuable skills, and greatness”: focus on guiding employees and students to work in their own jobs, study new technologies, and master new skills Strive for innovation and performance, and drive more workers to take the road to becoming talents.

He emphasized that he hoped that under the premise of "correct attitude, strict style of play, and ensuring fairness and openness", all the players will not be afraid of difficulties, work hard, be smart, and achieve excellent results. It is hoped that all the judges and experts will be objective and fair, and be good at Bole, select the truly outstanding talents, improve the competitiveness of the World Championship, obtain new results and achieve new breakthroughs!

Researcher He De said that the Guizhou Electronic Information Technician College upholds the concept of open competitions and open competitions, actively connects with world standards, and actively learns from the World Championship model, and has done a lot of effective and meticulous preparations. It is hoped that the college will further play a leading and exemplary role in vocational skills competitions and world skills competitions, and actively benchmark the world's advanced standards in terms of teachers, talent training models, and quality, and promote the development of school connotation.


Prof. He De from Provincial Vocational Skills Appraisal Center

Qiannan Prefecture's director of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Pan Jianhui pointed out in his speech that Qiannan Prefecture seriously implements the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping's internship, and according to the requirements, combines the actual situation, coordinates the layout and adapts to local conditions, and develops vocational skills across the state. Contest activities. The grand holding of the 46th World Skills Competition Guizhou Province (Qiannan Division) in Guizhou Electronic Information Technician College is also an important part of the activities organized by Qiannan Prefecture to organize the 46th World Skills Competition (Guizhou Division).

He hopes that all colleges and universities will take this trial as an opportunity to seriously study the technical standards, competition rules, and workflow of the skills competition, and promote competition through learning, training, teaching, and construction; Standards and competition rules are transformed into training standards for skilled personnel, and they are promoted and applied in vocational training, vocational skills competitions, and teaching and production to effectively improve the quality and level of skilled personnel training. It is hoped that, whether in the training of provincial contestants or in the daily teaching process, universities should not only cultivate students with superb skills and superb skills, but also develop rigorous, meticulous, dedicated, responsible work attitudes, and professional Sense of identity, responsibility, honor and mission, and constantly improve the comprehensive quality of skilled personnel. At the same time, the concept and standards of the skills competition will be spread and promoted in a wider range, so as to continuously improve the overall level of the province's technical education.


State Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau Director Pan Jianhui's speech

In his speech, Dean Liu Meng pointed out that in order to successfully run the five competitions of network system management, network security, business software solutions, website design and development, and plastic mold engineering, our college attached great importance to the establishment of the 46th World The organizing committee for the selection contest of the Qiannan Division of the skill competition. At the same time, our organization organized a selection seminar before the competition. Adhering to high standards and strict requirements, the organization work was detailed. We promised to be open, fair and just in accordance with the rules of the competition. Organize competitions, provide enthusiastic services and careful guarantees for contestants, ensure that the competition runs safely and orderly, and create conditions for contestants to achieve excellent results.

Dean Liu hopes that the coaches and players of fraternal colleges will join us to make this trial a first-class competition with demonstration and driving effects, and take this opportunity to strengthen exchanges and improve together to promote the level of skill competition in the province. I hope that the young players will carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, work hard, be brave, and show their superb skills and professional accomplishments, meet the demands of the times, climb the peak of technology forever, win glory for our province, and glory for the country.


Speech by Dean Liu Meng

Li Qunjia, the referee of the network system management project, swore on behalf of all the referees, and the contestant took the oath on behalf of Zhou Wen.


Network System Management Project Referee Li Qunjia takes the oath on behalf of all referees


Zhou Wen, our contestant, swore on behalf of all contestants

After the opening ceremony, the leaders visited the five fields of network system management, network security, business software solutions, website design and development, and plastic mold engineering.


Group photo of leaders attending the conference


Group photo with the referee of the competition