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Guizhou Province Electronic Information Technician College New Campus Construction Work Report No. 7 (2019)

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Construction of New Campus of Guizhou Electronic Information Technician College

Briefing on the work

年第 7 (总第 9 期) No. 7 of 2019 (Issue 9 )


I. Newsletter

The second phase of the first phase of the project

月9日,我校新校区二期一标段工程项目(综合楼、2#3#实习楼、体育馆)二次施工顺利开工。 On December 9, the second phase of the first phase of the new campus of our school (comprehensive building, 2 # 3 # practice building, gymnasium) successfully started the second construction. The person in charge of the construction site of the new campus, Shen Tong, the deputy head of the General Affairs Section, the head of the construction unit Zhao Yan, and the director of the supervision unit Xu Xiaobo attended the ceremony. At the start of the construction, Chief Shen applied to the construction unit and the supervision unit the construction requirements of the school: First, pay close attention to quality. The supervision unit must strictly adhere to clear quality indicators, strengthen quality supervision, strictly implement quality inspection procedures, and carry out layer-by-layer quality control. The second is to grasp the progress. The construction unit needs to strictly control the construction progress according to the inverted schedule. The construction meeting is regularly held to check the construction progress. The third is safety in production, firmly establishing safety awareness, conscientiously implementing safety systems, and ensuring workers' safety in operations.

Due to the breakage of the original construction party's own capital chain, the construction of the second phase and the first bidding section has been suspended since June 2018. During this period, the school leaders at various levels coordinated many times, and the original construction party submitted an application to the school to terminate the construction contract in June this year. After careful study by the school, in order to promote the construction work, after democratic decision-making, and agreeing to the construction party's application, the two parties signed a liquidation agreement in August and began comprehensive acceptance and exit work. On November 18th, our school opened a tender for the remaining amount of the second-stage, one-bid section at the Qiannan Public Exchange Center. The new construction unit won the bid for 114.53 million, with a construction period of 180 days. The construction is expected to be completed in June 2020.

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Deputy Chief Shen Tong communicates the school's relevant construction requirements to the construction and supervision unit

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Second construction start site


Project progress

第一阶段工程 First stage project

The lighting installation and circuit construction of Block A basketball court (north area of 3 # student apartment) and Block B basketball court (north area of comprehensive building) have been completed this week. Before delivery. The installation of 2 # student apartment has completed the installation of hair dryer equipment, direct drinking water equipment has entered the site, and has begun to enter the commissioning stage. The # 2 student apartment is currently under construction for hot-water pipeline insulation, reinforcement facilities construction and quality improvement. The cleaning work is expected to be completed next week. In response to the feedback from the student department, the door # 1 and side frame of the 1 # student apartment were damaged, and they have all been replaced this week. The third party fire detection emergency lighting of the integrated service building (canteen) has been rectified. The third party fire inspection project has issued a test report, and the next step can be fire inspection acceptance.

In addition, this month, the completed buildings (1 # practicum building, 1 # 2 # student apartment, stadium stands, comprehensive service building and Zhaopei building) will be inspected for fire protection, energy saving and completion. The school will cooperate with the construction of Duyun Economic Development Zone. The Planning Bureau handles relevant completion inspection and filing.

During the winter vacation, it is expected to complete the reinforcement of the side frame of the 1 # student apartment suite door, the adjustment of the lighting system of the 1 # practice building, the overhead floor partition of the student apartment, and the secondary renovation of the comprehensive service building (canteen).

说明: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\篮球场灯.jpg篮球场灯

Basketball court lights installed

说明: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\1.png1

学生公寓破损门框更换 1 # Student apartment broken door frame replacement

第二阶段工程 2. The second phase of the project

The second-phase and second-bid construction project will carry out interior decoration works this month. 80% installation of indoor lights in 3 # student apartment is completed, 95% of fire protection construction is completed, window glass is installed; 90% of 2nd time scraping of putty on the inner wall of 4 # student apartment is completed, 95% of indoor floor and wall tile paving is completed, washstand 95% of construction is completed, and the construction of fire protection pipeline is started; 50% of the real stone paint on the outside wall of 5 # student apartment is completed, 80% of the interior wall is scraped with putty for the first time, 25% of the wall tiles are paved, and 20% of the bathroom and indoor floor tiles are completed. The gate court is setting up a stand. The interior wall of the teacher's apartment was completed 80% of the putty, 80% of the bathroom, kitchen floor tiles, and wall tiles were pasted, 85% of the indoor electrical wiring was completed, and the fire piping started construction. The construction project of this bid is initially expected to be delivered before the Spring Festival this year.

说明: 三号公寓

学生公寓形象进度 3 # Student apartment image progress

说明: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\微信截图_20191213155736.png微信截图_20191213155736

学生公寓室内灯安装 3 # Student apartment interior light installation

说明: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\微信截图_20191213155615.png微信截图_20191213155615

学生公寓窗户玻璃安装 3 # Student apartment window glass installation

说明: C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\4#形象进度.jpg4#形象进度

学生公寓形象进度 4 # Student apartment image progress

说明: 4#地砖铺贴

学生公寓地砖铺贴 4 # Student apartment floor tiles

说明: 4#洗漱台

学生公寓洗漱台施工 4 # Student apartment washstand construction

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学生公寓形象进度 5 # Student apartment image progress

说明: 5#学生公寓

学生公寓室内刮腻子 5 # Student apartment interior shaving putty

说明: 5#学生公寓1

学生公寓墙砖铺贴 5 # Student apartment wall brick paving

说明: 教室公寓

Teacher apartment image progress

说明: 教师公寓1

Teacher's apartment indoor floor paving

说明: 教室公寓二

Teacher's apartment indoor wiring

室外和附属工程 3. Outdoor and auxiliary works

At the beginning of this month, the second-phase outdoor hydropower project has been completed by 25%, and the rainwater and sewage drainage pipe construction has been completed on the south side of the 2 # practice building, and green construction is underway at the gate and the south gate. At the same time, according to the school plan, the first batch of broadcast monitoring points in the new campus were concentrated in areas such as 1 # student apartment, 1 # internship building, and school main roads. At present, 65% have been completed. The remaining workload is expected to be completed before the 10th of next month.

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实习楼南侧雨污排水管道施工 Construction of rainwater drainage pipe on the south side of 2 # practice building

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Outdoor landscape planting osmanthus tree

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实习楼监控安装(图1) Monitoring installation of 1 # practice building (Figure 1)

说明: 微信截图_20191213160916

实习楼安装监控安装(图2) Installation monitoring installation of 1 # practice building (Figure 2)