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Schools and enterprises cooperate in winter

Source: Office of Enrollment and Employment: Unknown Date: 2019/12/12 22:29:43 Views: 0

  Guizhou Institute of Electronic and Information Technologists

School-enterprise cooperation consultation meeting was successfully held in our college

12 5 日, 贵州省电子信息技师学院 华高王氏科技(深圳)有限公司校企合作协商会圆满召开 On December 5 , 2019 , the school-enterprise cooperation consultation meeting between Guizhou Electronic Information Technician College and Huagao Wangshi Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was successfully held .

Mr. Lv Guihai, a caring person in Hong Kong, Hu Huiyu, Personnel Department of Huagao Wangshi Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Xu Qingyi, Director of the Economic Work Department of Guizhou Federation of Overseas Chinese Federation, Liu Yehong, Director of Guizhou Overseas Chinese Federation, Yang Guosong, Chairman of Qiannan Prefecture Overseas Chinese Federation, Qian Li Xifeng, Chief of the Economic Liaison Section of Nanzhou Qiaolian, attended the meeting as a corporate representative. The leaders of the college extended a warm welcome to the leaders and guests from Guizhou Qiaolian Federation, Qiannan Qiaolian Federation, and Huagao Wangshi Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Dean Liu Meng, Secretary He Jun, Deputy Dean Fan Xianlong, Liu Hongyan, Deputy Director of the Admissions and Employment Office, Luo Kexing, Director of the School-Enterprise Cooperation Office, and Zeng Xu, Director of the Department of Electrical Engineering attended the meeting. Party Secretary He Jun chaired the meeting.

The two sides of the school and the enterprise held a discussion in the conference room of the college. The participants actively provided suggestions and suggestions. After friendly consultations between the two parties, the following aspects will be further negotiated and implemented:

1. School-enterprise in-depth development of production-education integration and school-enterprise cooperation, launching "order classes" and "skills special classes for poverty alleviation", jointly building a school training base and jointly training technical talents;

SMT 生产线设备,提供技术服务、生产项目、生产管理及销售; 2. Huagao Wangshi Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. provided an SMT production line equipment to the school to provide technical services, production projects, production management and sales;

3. Establish an off-campus internship base at Huagao Wangshi Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., regularly arrange students to carry out productive teaching internships and employment in enterprises, and send related professional teachers to enterprises to participate in social practice and skills training.

After nearly three hours of friendly consultations, the meeting was successfully concluded in a warm atmosphere.


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