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The school held a special democratic life meeting of "Don't forget your original heart and keep your mission in mind"

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According to the work arrangement of the school's "do not forget the original heart, remember the mission" theme, the school held a democratic life meeting "do not forget the original heart, remember the mission" in the office meeting room on the afternoon of December 5. The school party committee member, disciplinary committee member, director of the party office, director of the personnel department, and party branch secretaries attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the school party committee secretary He Jun.

This thematic democratic life will closely follow the main line of studying and implementing Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics, focusing on the theme of "not forgetting the original intention, remembering the mission", and revolving around theoretical learning, gaining ideological and political baptism, and acting as an entrepreneur Serving the people, solving problems, and being honest and exemplary, in accordance with General Secretary Xi Jinping's requirements of "four comparisons" and "four finds and finds", carefully find their own gaps and deficiencies, sort out and examine the problems, and analyze the reasons deeply. Seriously carry out criticism and self-criticism, clarify the direction of efforts and propose rectification measures.

He Jun, the party secretary of the school, took the lead in personal inspection and analysis, and actively accepted criticism. The members of the other party committees carried out personal inspections, analysis and speeches one by one, and made self-criticism. The other members of the group raised critical opinions on them, real questions, real questions, and achieved the effects of sweating, detoxifying and curing diseases.

Party Secretary He Jun summarized the meeting and put forward requirements: First, we must take this special democratic life as an opportunity to seriously implement the requirements of the central spirit and the provincial party committee, persist in learning without slackening, and stabilize the political direction; Relax and actively promote entrepreneurship. Third, we must persist in rectification and reform to ensure effective results. Fourth, we must continually transform the results of the theme education into the spirit of entrepreneurship of the officers, and transform them into concrete actions to implement rectification. Promote high-quality development of various undertakings in the school.


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