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Constitutional Propaganda Week 2019

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In order to earnestly practice the spirit of General Secretary Jinping ’s series of important instructions on constitutional study and publicity and education, carry forward the spirit of the Constitution, maintain the authority of the Constitution, and actively respond to the national “Constitutional Propaganda Week” series of activities to further enhance the legal literacy of teachers and students and cultivate patriotism From November 28th to December 7th, a number of specific constitutional learning and education activities were carried out in our college, which ensured that the constitutional publicity week of our college started with momentum, activities had highlights, and education was effective. "The method allows the majority of teachers and students to truly feel that the Constitution is with you and me, so that the Constitution is rooted in our hearts, and the light of the Constitution shines on our campus.

Party members and cadres swore to take the lead in studying the constitution and speaking about the constitution


The school's "Leading to the Heart and Keeping Mission in Mind" theme education center group in December 2019 focused on learning was held on December 2 in the office building conference room. The meeting was chaired by He Jun, secretary of the party committee of the college, and party members and middle-level cadres participated in the study. Liu Meng, deputy secretary of the party committee and president, led all cadres to take the constitutional oath.

Constitution Day on Campus Theme Day






Teachers interpret constitution for classmates










College actively creates a strong atmosphere for publicizing the Constitution

Students practice the Constitution, talk about the Constitution and uphold the Constitution






Flying five-star red flag business school campus students read the constitution






Watch the Power of the Constitution's Spiritual Rule of Law-2019 Rule of Law Awards

Tribute to every hero who guards the Constitution






Converge media knowledge contest, teachers and students participate in learning together







Knowing the Constitution Advocating the Constitution Starts with me

The seeds of institutional confidence are sown into our hearts

We love the motherland and respect the constitution

Study the Constitution carefully, raise the awareness of the Constitution and the rule of law, and firmly establish a conscious awareness of being loyal to the Constitution, observing it, and maintaining it;

Vigorously carry forward the spirit of the socialist rule of law, strive to cultivate a socialist culture of the rule of law, make constitutional beliefs deeply rooted in each of us, and make constitutional practice our conscious action;

Protect one's legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law, and consciously perform statutory obligations, so that the enjoyment of rights is consistent with the performance of obligations.


Faculty receive "Constitution Publicity Initiative"

Taking the long march of the new era requires everyone to be a faithful advocator, a conscious adherent, and a staunch defender of the Constitution. Teachers and students of our college will start from practice, from self, and from bit to bit, and jointly create a good atmosphere of "promoting the spirit of the constitution and building a campus under the rule of law". Achieve tough progress and go hand in hand!