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Lecture on Prevention of Campus Loans, Campus Bullying, and Drug Control in Guizhou Province Electronic Information Technician College

Source: Security Section Author: Dingkang Date: 2019/12/6 21:26:07 Views: 0

Under the overall arrangement of the theme education of the Party Committee of the Academy, “Do n’t forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission”, in order to resolutely win prevention and resistance against the “campus loan” and “routine loan” position battles, actively educate and guide our students to increase their awareness of risk prevention and legal awareness. , Improve self-protection ability, build a peaceful, harmonious, healthy and orderly campus to create a green learning and living environment for students, improve students' legal awareness and self-protection ability. On the afternoon of November 28, 2019, the Security Section invited Zhang Zhengquan, director of the 110 Command Center of Duyun City Public Security Bureau, Chen Xuan, director of the Information Center of Duyun City Public Security Bureau, Li Xinhua, director of the Xinhua Police Station of Duyun City Public Security Bureau, and drug control in Duyun City. The person in charge of the office, Yang Jin, gave a lecture on the topic of "Legal System Entering Campus" to each department officer and technician class students.

In order to improve students' awareness of the risk prevention of campus online loans, guide students to establish a correct consumption outlook and create a thrifty campus environment. Director Chen Xuan made presentations to students from the aspects of types of financial management, non-performing loans, risks and harms, how young contemporary students can establish correct values, and consumer attitudes. Introduced the financial common sense, types of bank cards, emerging payment tools and corresponding risks and precautions to everyone, and warned teachers and students to properly treat and understand various types of bank credit cards. At the same time, based on vivid cases and common sense of law, the routine routines and risk hazards of non-performing loans such as "routine loans" and "campus loans" were popularized to teachers and students, and teachers and students were reminded to refrain from easy credit and borrowing so that everyone can establish a correct consumption outlook and precautions. awareness.

In order to improve the ability of teachers and students to prevent and control campus bullying, Director Li analyzed the causes and methods of campus bullying from multiple aspects, and displayed pictures and videos of campus bullying cases. The scene of the stabbing campus bullying incident made us feel The teachers and students at the scene expressed their indignation, saying "No" to bullying on campus.

Anti-drug work is about national security, national prosperity, and people's well-being. As long as drugs are not removed, the fight against drugs cannot be relaxed. In order to strengthen the education of students 'anti-drug ideology and strengthen students' understanding of the dangers of drugs, Police Officer Yang of Duyun City Anti-drug Office explained the class to the students based on the type and harm of drugs. Headed by all kinds of evils, as the motherland tomorrow, we have a greater responsibility to take on the heavy responsibility of rejecting drugs. Drugs are so harmful to people that they can make people have double dependence. Only eight words should be kept in mind: cherish life and reject drugs.

增强了同学们禁毒意识。 This lecture is one of the important activities of our school to strengthen the publicity and education of the campus legal system during the 2019 National Constitution Publicity Week. Teachers and students learned about the latest fraud methods, raised their vigilance, strengthened their awareness of bullying on campus, and enhanced their personal protection. The ability to be safe has strengthened students' awareness of drug control. Through this activity, the consciousness of teachers and students of our college to study and maintain the constitution was further enhanced, and a solid foundation was laid for building a safe campus.

说明: SQ8A3024

Chief of the Security Section, Li lectures on prevention of campus loans, campus bullying, and anti-drug knowledge

说明: SQ8A3067

Director Chen Xuan of the Information Center of the Public Security Bureau of Duyun City explained the knowledge of preventing campus loans to students

说明: SQ8A3081

Li Xinhua, Director of Xinhua Police Station of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, explained to students how to prevent bullying on campus

说明: SQ8A3102

Police Officer Yang Jin, Director of the Anti-Drug Office of Duyun City, explained the anti-drug knowledge on campus