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Guizhou Province Electronic Information Technician College (Guizhou Electronic Information Senior Technical School) Recruitment of Full-time Counselors in 2019

Source: Guizhou Provincial Institute of Electronics and Information Technician: Technician College Guizhou Province electronic information Release date: 2019/6/18 9:38:15 Views: 0

Our school is a public institution directly affiliated to Guizhou Province, and is the only national secondary vocational education reform and development model school in the province's technical colleges. 592亩,建筑面积23万多平方米,本部校区占地122亩,位于都匀市剑江北路61号;匀东新校区占地470亩,位于都匀经济开发区黔南大道旁,投资5亿多人民币,建设数字化、信息化、智能化、功能齐全的示范性技师学院。 The college is located in the urban area of Duyun City, Guizhou Province. It covers an area of 592 acres and a building area of over 230,000 square meters. The headquarters campus covers an area of 122 acres. It is located at 61 Jianjiang North Road, Duyun City. It is located next to Qiannan Avenue in Duyun Economic Development Zone. It has invested more than 500 million yuan to build a digital, information, intelligent, and fully functional model technician college.

300多人,其中高级职称、高级技师100余人,在校生6700余人。 There are more than 300 faculty members , including more than 100 senior titles and senior technicians, and more than 6,700 students.

、为主,兼顾中级技工培养和短期培训等多层次办学方向,不断改革及创新教学,设 置预备技师、高级技工、中级技工等 3个层次28个专业,其中国家级重点专业12个,培养IT产业、数控加工技术、机械加工、汽车制造与维修、酒店管理与服务、机电一体化与激光技术等行业中、高级技能人才。 The college has distinctive school running characteristics. It has established a multi-level school orientation focusing on training technicians, senior technicians , and taking into account the training of intermediate technicians and short-term training. It continuously reforms and innovates teaching and sets up preliminary technicians, senior technicians, and intermediate technicians. There are 28 majors at various levels, including 12 national key majors. It trains middle- and high-skilled talents in the IT industry, CNC machining technology, machining, automobile manufacturing and maintenance, hotel management and service, mechatronics and laser technology. 培养 40000余名中、高级技能人才。 In the 43 years since its establishment, the college has trained more than 40,000 middle and senior skilled personnel for the society . 业生晋升成为企业生产技术骨干和管理骨干。 Graduates are distributed in the developed areas along the southeast coast and throughout the country. Most graduates have been promoted to become the backbone of production technology and management of enterprises.

I. Introduction to Recruitment Positions

The full-time student counselor is responsible for students 'military training, education management, and various related departments' management of student education, and does not undertake teaching work. 握教育学、心理学、职业指导等方面的知识和方法,熟悉相关法律法规,具有较强的教育能力、人际沟通能力和条理性、计划性。 Requires love of students, dedication, responsibility, mastery of pedagogy, psychology, career guidance and other knowledge and methods, familiarity with relevant laws and regulations, strong education ability, interpersonal communication ability, and orderly, planned .

The main work of a student counselor:

组织新生军训; 1. Organize military training for freshmen;

对学生日常行为的教育监督管理; 2. Educational supervision and management of students' daily behaviors;

对学生学习任务的教育督促管理; 3. Educational supervision and management of student learning tasks;

对学生宿舍、教室及卫生区卫生的教育监督管理; 4. Educational supervision and management of hygiene in student dormitories, classrooms and health districts;

对学生早操、课间操及出勤情况的教育监督管理; 5. Educational supervision and management of students' morning exercises, class exercises and attendance;

对班级建设及班干的教育培养管理; 6. Education and management of class construction and class leaders;

对学生重大问题或突发状况及时有效的处置; 7, timely and effective disposal of major problems or emergencies of students;

建立与学生家长的联系方式,定期通报学生情况; 8. Establish contact information with students' parents and regularly report the situation of students;

按规定时间完成对学生寝室的检查工作; 9. Complete the inspection of the student's bedroom according to the prescribed time;

努力做好班级学生的 “控辍保学”工作; 10. Efforts to do a good job of "controlling dropouts" for class students ;

认真完成学生处布置的其他工作等。 11. Seriously complete other tasks assigned by the student office.

5 ~ 6 (男士) This time we recruit 5-6 full-time student counselors (men) .

招聘条件 Recruitment conditions

1. Must be a veteran (prisoner or party member is preferred);

2. Love education, have good morals and morals, integrity, friendliness, civilization, politeness, high professional level, strong sense of responsibility, patience and love, and physical and mental health. The basic standard of Putonghua should have certain management experience and organizational ability;

无党(团)纪、政纪处分,无违纪违法行为和不良记录; 2. No party (corporate) discipline, no political discipline, no disciplinary and illegal acts and bad records;

3. Loving and responsible, love students;

4, decent work style, obey work arrangements;

5. Age: under 35 years old;

6. High school or above file level (no specialties required);

165cm以上。 7, height: men over 165cm.

Recruitment procedures and methods

1. Registration and qualification review

201 9 7 5 日前 将本人身份证、退伍转业证、或士官转业证等相关资质证明材料等复印件,近期 2寸免冠照片2张及报名表邮寄或通过邮件发送到我院 报名或携带相关资料到我院现场 进行报名 (因学期末工作较忙,请应聘者来之前先打联系电话!) ;并于报名 3 ~ 5 内,交一份对专职辅导员岗位的认知说明材料(主要围绕为什么要应聘此岗位及怎样做好专职辅导员工作,字数要求: 1000 ~ 1500 )。 In accordance with the principles of voluntary registration and merit-based admission, those who meet the requirements can make copies of their qualification documents such as their ID card, veteran's transfer certificate, or non-commissioned officer's transfer certificate, etc. before July 5 , 201 Zhang Ji and the application form are mailed or sent to our school for registration by mail or bring relevant materials to the on-site registration of the school (due to the busy work at the end of the semester, please call the applicants before coming!) ; And 3 to 5 days of registration Please submit a copy of the explanation materials for the position of a full-time counselor (mainly why you should apply for this position and how to do a good job as a full-time counselor, word count requirement: 1000 ~ 1500 words ). Our institute will review the above materials, notify qualified personnel to enter the interview, and bring relevant original documents for verification during the interview.

面试 2. Interview

Qualified personnel enter the interview process. 20分钟,面试时间另行通知。 The content and order of the interview will be determined by the lottery on the day of the interview . The interview time will be 20 minutes.

3. Medical examination

After the interview, the recruiting unit will determine the medical examination object according to the total score of the applicant.

The physical examination is organized by the recruiting unit at the county level hospital or above. The medical examination expenses shall be borne by the applicants, and the medical examination standards shall be implemented with reference to the medical examination standards adopted by civil servants in Guizhou Province. The specific time of the medical examination will be notified separately.

4. Publicity and employment

According to the results of the medical examination, determine the personnel to be employed and go through the relevant procedures.

If the hired person has a labor contract or employment agreement with the original unit, it shall be handled by me. If the applicant fails to complete the formalities within the prescribed time due to personal reasons of the hired person, the qualification for employment shall be cancelled.

5. Treatment

1) Salary:

3600 /月 +考核奖 单位根据国家相关规定给其交纳社会保险(五险),外加午餐补贴( 根据实际考勤每天补助 17 The probationary period is six months, and the basic salary is 3600 yuan / month + assessment award . The unit pays social insurance (five insurance) and lunch subsidy ( 17 yuan per day based on actual attendance ) according to relevant state regulations .

生活 : 2) Life :

    房( 2人1间 为便于学生管理,安置在学生公寓。 Provide housing ( 2 persons, 1 room ) , for the convenience of student management, placed in the student apartment.

单位地址及联系方式 Fourth , the unit address and contact information

1. Application Location: Guizhou Province Electronic Information Technician College (No. 61 Jianjiang North Road, Duyun City)

1路、12路公交车会云桥 (省技师学院) 下车即到; Take the No. 1 and No. 12 buses and get off at Huiyun Bridge (Provincial Technician College) ;

联系人:马老师、吴老师 2. Contact: Teacher Ma, Teacher Wu

0854-8330268 18085459652 18375116995 Phone: 0854-8330268 18085459652 , 18375116995

470846575@qq、com 3. QQ mailbox: 470846575 @ qq, com     

Attachment: Registration Form



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