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National Vocational College Teacher Quality Improvement Program

Source: Department of Information Engineering Author: Fu Cheng Release date: 2019/6/6 18:13:45 Views: 0

年5月5日至6月3日,我院信息工程系付铖老师参加了在贵州大学继续教育学院举办的国家级职业院校教师素质提升计划信息技术专业专题培训。 From May 5th to June 3rd, 2019 , Teacher Fu Yan from the Department of Information Engineering of our college participated in the special training of information technology majors of the National Vocational College Teachers' Quality Improvement Program held at the College of Continuing Education of Guizhou University. This study is not only a promotion of professional ability, but also a baptism of thought. As a teacher, you are not only a communicator of knowledge, but you also need to pass on firm beliefs, excellent culture, and correct words and deeds to students.


The training consists of four parts.

The first part expands training. At the beginning of the study, the head teacher organized all the students to participate in outdoor development training at the Guizhou camp of the National Youth Activity Center. Under the arrangement and organization of the coach, the trainees carried out a series of activities such as identifying the numbers of playing cards, lowering the poles, playing drums and throwing balls, and graduation walls. Expanded training improves team feelings, increases team cohesion, and enhances team collaboration.

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Group photo of outdoor development training  

The second part is professional improvement. This study is a multi-cultural exchange of knowledge. During the study period, the information technology training class where Mr. Fu Li was visiting visited the Digital Economy Industrial Park in Gui'an University City. And other advanced technologies. In the classroom, the teachers explained remote sensing big data technology and application, Docker's theoretical knowledge and Kubernetes, the construction and exploration of big data environment, 5G communication technology and application, the future of 3D visualization, e-commerce technology and application, and sping boot speed application Knowledge of development methods, AI applications, etc. Continuous learning allows students to broaden their horizons, improve their professional knowledge, and gain their professional capabilities.

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         Group photo of Guizhou Digital Economy Exhibition Center  

The third part is thought baptism. This study was a feast of thought. In order to carry forward and learn the spirit of the Long March, students went to the "Zunyi Conference Site of Patriotism Education Base" to carry out educational activities, relive the revolutionary spirit, and remember the revolutionary martyrs. In the classroom, the teachers deeply interpreted the influence and application of the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and information technology on education through humorous language and unlimited passionate lectures. As a vocational school teacher, we must attach importance to campus safety and media response strategies; we must understand the communication between teachers and students, and better plan our learning career; we must train students to be good at discovering the beauty around them, and use music and art works to enhance the appreciation of aquatic products; we must cultivate And practice the core values of socialism and enhance students' cultural self-confidence; master the methods of vocational education research and analysis; innovate education methods, understand etiquette, know Chinese culture, and have ethics; learn to be an outstanding teacher, and work hard Far away.

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Group photo of the meeting place of Zunyi Conference  

The fourth part is the exchange seminar. During the study, the head teacher organized the students to conduct many exchanges and discussions. At the meeting, everyone expressed their opinions and the atmosphere was active. At present, China is in an important period of vocational education development, and the vocational education industry has ushered in great opportunities for vigorous development. As a teacher of vocational education, we must always take our social responsibility seriously and continuously improve our professional quality. As the saying goes, "Give a bowl of water to students, teachers should have a bucket of water." Only by continuous learning can we not be eliminated by the society, and we must not forget our original intentions.

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