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[Photo] Participants of the "Network Construction" project went to Guizhou Electronic Information Vocational and Technical College to exchange and learn

Source: Computer and Information Center of: Liu Gang Release date: 2019/4/12 11:16:48 Views: 0

In order to enable contestants to better adapt to different competition environments and master the functional configuration of real equipment, as well as to better learn the competition experience of the skills competition from brother colleges, with the support of school leaders, the computer and information center One instructor and two contestants of the “Network Construction” project were sent to Guizhou Electronic Information Vocational and Technical College for communication and learning.

The exchange and study totaled three days. The contestants used precious three days to perform basic operations such as switching and routing configuration, routing VPN configuration, firewall configuration, and wireless device configuration on digital devices in China. This exchange not only learned The valuable experience of participating colleges has also improved the environmental adaptability of our contestants and the ability to configure real equipment. It laid a good foundation for the contestants to participate in the "Network Construction" project of the province's vocational college skills competition held in Guizhou Transportation Vocational Technical College on April 13, 2019.  


Contestants are training at a hurry


Contestants are training at a hurry