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The First "Teacher's Book Business Ability Enhancement Training Course" of Our University Was Successfully Completed

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8 29 日—— 30 日、 9 4 日—— 5 日为期四天的首期“团支书业务能力提升培训班”。 In order to cultivate the sense of responsibility of the student league members of our school, enhance their working ability, promote the reform of the Communist Youth League work of our school, and promote the work, the school youth league committee organized August 29th - 30th , September 4th - 5th for a period of four Tian's first "Training Party Business Ability Improvement Training Course".

In this training class, teacher Wang Xiao, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee, gave three lectures to the trainees: the first lecture, "Basic Knowledge of the Communist Youth League", the second lecture, "How to Become a Qualified Youth League Secretary," and the third lecture, "How to carry out a delegation Branch Work "organized and organized a" Trade Party Secretary "Thematic Group Meeting" Observation Sharing Session.

12 日的结业典礼上王晓副书记指出,作为学生团干,要从各方面做起,做一个讲政治、有理想、讲文明、勤实践的优秀团干;在校三年,要定目标、学知识、拓境界、搞研创,取长补短、提升自我,做有意义的尝试;在提升气质和认知上,要做文明传承者,将社会理想与个人理想有机结合起来。 At the graduation ceremony on September 12 , Deputy Secretary Wang Xiao pointed out that as a student group leader, we must start from all aspects and be an excellent group leader who talks about politics, ideals, civilization, and hard work; Set goals, learn knowledge, expand the realm, engage in research and innovation, learn from each other's strengths, improve yourself, and make meaningful attempts; in improving your temperament and cognition, you must be a cultural heritage and organically combine social ideals with personal ideals.

At the closing ceremony, all participants sang a group song and watched the training summary video. 优秀学员 24 名学生颁发了结业证书。 Subsequently, Mr. Wang Xiao awarded the certificate of completion for the 24 students who were rated as Excellent Students in the Youth League School .

After studying in this training course, all the trainees have further improved their business level, working ability and service consciousness, showing vigorous vitality and vitality for the construction of grassroots youth league branches, and laying a solid foundation for realizing the new development goals of youth league work.

Testimonials from trainee representatives:

, 积极进取不要荒废学业,不要白白浪费青春和时间! As a group cadre, we must first lead by example, and then we must mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of our students to help those students who are lost, and make them correct , aggressive and do not waste their studies, and do not waste youth and time!

16-2 李景蓉 班主任:刘松香) (Advertising Class 16-2 Li Jingrong, Head of Class: Liu Songxiang)

时事 、与时俱进,时刻注重自身综合素质特别是思想道德素质的提高。 As an outstanding student cadre, at any time and anywhere, always keep in mind that the image that he represents is the school, and always be proud of the school; pay attention to details, work hard, pay attention to current events , advance with the times, and always pay attention to their own comprehensiveness. Improve quality, especially ideological and moral quality.

17-2 陆德富 班主任:崔颖) ( Lu Defu, Class Leader of Robot 17-2 : Cui Ying)

  To be a qualified student cadre must not only have high ideological and political qualities, moral qualities, and good intellectual and spiritual qualities, but also be good at handling relationships with teachers, classmates, and other student cadres. Loss, fame, and gain.

17-2 王朝福 班主任:张介华) ( Director of Technics 17-2 Wangfu Class: Zhang Jiehua)

I think we should devote ourselves to the usual work and study with full enthusiasm for work and good work attitude. To do our job well, we must have an initiative and maintain a sense of normality. Do not dispute, cherish your position, work creatively, and grow up healthily and smoothly.

17-1 张文友 班主任:罗闪翅) ( Director of Zhang Wenyou, Class 17-1 of Auto Parts : Luo Shanyi )

We are the Party ’s assistants and reserve forces. At the same time, we must combine the needs of young people, start from small things, proceed from reality, do our best, and carry out some ideological and knowledgeable features of student activities based on rational thinking Activities that are fun, interesting, and practical can attract more students to participate, let a wide range of students join us, integrate with us, recognize us, and support us.

16-2 严盛宇 班主任:张文静) ( Senior Supervisor Yan Shengyu, Class 16-2 : Zhang Wenjing)


Closed book examination


Observation Sharing Session


All members sing a group song


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