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Prevent micro-duration gradually rational consumption to resist "campus loan"

Source: School of the Communist Youth League: Wang Release date: 2017/9/1 10:42:31 Views: 0


Dear students,

扶持创业 助学扶贫 等旗号的小额网络贷款也在校园悄然滋生,学生们只需要填写一些基本资料,拍几张照片,就可以拿到不等数额的贷款,而这些网贷平台,多是打着 多分期,低利息 甚至 “0 利息 的幌子来吸引学生贷款,其实这样看似优惠多多的小额贷款平台,处处是陷阱! With the development of the Internet, online lending has quietly become a new model of private financial lending. In addition to the popularity of online shopping on campus, small online loans under the banner of supporting entrepreneurship and aid for poverty alleviation are also quietly breeding on campus. Students only need to fill in some basic information and take a few photos to get loans of varying amounts. Most of these online loan platforms are attracted under the guise of " multi-stage installment, low interest " or even "zero interest " . Student loans, in fact, seem like a lot of preferential microloan platforms, traps everywhere!

The recent online loan incidents in the society have alerted the Internet loan, especially the campus online loan is targeted at students without financial income.

低息背后,实有高额服务费有相当一部分网络贷款公司,在贷款到帐后,要收取 指标费用 ,其实就是服务费,比如贷款 10000 元,可能就会收取百分之十的服务费,贷款人拿到的钱其实只有 9000 Trap 1: Behind the low interest rates, there are actually high service fees. A considerable part of online loan companies charge a " indicative fee " after the loan is received . In fact, it is a service fee. For example, a loan of 10,000 yuan may charge a percentage. Ten service charges, the money the lender gets is actually only 9,000 .       

分期还的少,其实是高利贷 Pitfall 2: Less installment, in fact, usury

5000 元,分 12 个月还清,每个月仅需偿还 551 ,五百多听起来很划算,可仔细算下来, 12 个月的话,该学生总共需要支付 6612 元,折合贷款年利率为 26% ,而事实上,年利率超过 24% 就已经属于高利贷了! Some campus online loan agents, when introducing online loans to their classmates, emphasized that they can be installed in installments without any pressure. A student at a school revealed that an agent introduced him to an online loan of 5,000 yuan and repaid it in 12 months. You only need to repay 551 a month . More than five hundred sounds cost-effective, and you can calculate it carefully. In 12 months, the student needs to pay a total of 6612 yuan, which is equivalent to an annual loan interest rate of 26% . In fact, the annual interest rate exceeds 24. % Is already a usury!

扣押 担保费 ,本息还清才放款 Trap three: seize the " guarantee fee " and pay off the principal and interest before paying

担保费 等还清所有本息之后,扣押的钱会一分不少的返还给你。 You do n’t need any credit history to make a loan. It sounds like the loan platform is a bit of an injustice, but it ’s not the case. They will tell the students in the contract that, because they do n’t know the credit history of the other party, they need to withhold a portion of the loan as a guarantee fee. " After all the principal and interest are paid off, the money seized will be returned to you in a small amount. However, once overdue, the money platform does not need to pay again. But in the future, it still needs to pay huge overdue interest for this part of the money. Even if it is not overdue, the platform actually raises the loan interest virtually.

逾期后果很严重,容易引发 连环贷 Trap 4: The consequences of overdue are serious, and it is easy to cause " chain loans "

Online loan platforms do not need to mortgage, do not need credit records, etc., dare to lend money to students, aren't they afraid that students will not pay back money after the due date?

A campus agent doing online loans revealed in private that in fact, they are not afraid that they will be overdue, they are not afraid that they will not be overdue. Once they are overdue, the interest will be calculated on a daily basis. Because there are phone numbers of parents and teachers of students, you can threaten them to tell the teacher first. If not, then call the parents directly. Parents generally pay back to prevent their children from carrying bad credit records. No matter how bad it is, can we still take judicial proceedings? Anyway, with a contract, what are we afraid of? 拆东补西 ,很容易引发 连环贷 ,就像上文提到的那位买苹果手机的学生,本金仅仅 3 万元,最终滚到了 70 多万。 In addition, some students dare not let parents know that it is very easy to trigger " chain loans " because of the " demolition of the east and the west " . Like the student who bought the Apple phone mentioned above, the principal is only 30,000 yuan, and eventually rolled over. More than 700,000.

中国银监会、教育部、人力资源社会保障部《 关于进一步加强校园贷规范管理工作的通知 》( 银监发〔 2017 26 精神,现就 校园贷 风险防范,对同学们提出如下倡议和提醒: In order to educate and guide classmates to establish a correct consumption concept, strengthen the awareness of school students' safety precautions, and reject unhealthy online lending, according to the " Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of Campus Loan Regulations " according to the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Bank supervision issued [ 2017 ] No. 26 ) in the spirit, now on the risk prevention of " campus loans " , I propose the following suggestions and reminders to students:

1. Students in the school should focus on their studies, accumulate knowledge, and must not use extra loans for reasons such as extravagant consumption and venture capital turnover, which will seriously affect their studies and increase the burden on families.

2. If you really need a loan, you must discuss it with your parents before making a decision. The parents should come forward and choose a student loan from the country of origin or campus country, or apply for a loan from a regular bank or credit institution, and read the loan contract carefully. If there are any unreasonable points, please ask in time to avoid unnecessary trouble.

校园贷 违规违法活动;不鼓动、不胁迫他人在 校园贷 中借款;不张贴、不转发 校园贷 违规违法信息;不冒用、不顶替他人身份进行校园贷款。 3. Do not participate in or promote illegal activities on campus loans ; do not encourage or coerce others to borrow money on campus loans ; do not post or forward illegal and illegal information on campus loans ; do not impersonate or replace others Make a campus loan.

Fourth, rational consumption, refuse to compare. Make sure to consume according to the actual situation of yourself and your family, and avoid excessive expenses due to following suits or comparisons.

I hope that students will take the accidents and cases that have occurred as examples, strengthen the ability to identify online loans, prevent online loan risks, and actively create a good campus security environment.



                 Communist Youth League Guizhou Province Electronic Information Technician College Committee

9 September 2017