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Department of Educational Affairs holds the second exhibition of creative design works of architectural decoration students

Source: Department of Quality Management and Dean: Lu Dong Release date: 2017/5/24 12:25:31 Views: 0

5 22 日下午 4 30 分,教务和质量管理处在教学楼前举行了 我院 第二届建筑装饰专业学生创意设计作品展开幕仪式,出席的领导有:我院朱陆军副 院长 ,教质处苏鹏副处长、文玉成副处长。 At 4:30 pm on May 22 , 2017 , the Academic Affairs and Quality Management Office held the opening ceremony of the second creative design work of our college's architectural decoration students in front of the teaching building. Chief , Su Peng, deputy director of the Department of Education, Wen Yucheng, deputy director. 300 余名建装、建工专业的同学们共同参加。 In addition, there are architectural teachers and more than 300 students in the field of construction and construction.

仪式议 程主要有朱陆军副 院长致辞,学生代表建装 15-2 班杨 长滔同学发言,同学们分批次参观作品并为自己喜欢的作品投票等环节。 The opening ceremony was presided over by Xiong Yiyi, a teacher of architectural decoration. The ceremony's agenda consisted of a speech by the Deputy Dean Zhu Lujun , and a speech on behalf of Student Yang Changtao from Class 15-2 . The students visited the works in batches and presented themselves. Favorite works such as voting.

T 恤等。 The second exhibition of creative design works of architectural decoration students collected nearly one hundred exhibits, mainly creative hand-made models and hand-painted T -shirts carefully made by architectural decoration students . 5 22 日至 5 25 日持续展出四天。 The exhibition will continue for four days from May 22 to May 25 .

Deputy Dean Zhu Lujun praised the exhibited works and highly affirmed the students' practical ability and innovative spirit. From time to time during the exhibition, students were deeply attracted by their favorite works, took out their mobile phones to take pictures. The entire exhibition hall is lively!

This work exhibition provides a stage for students to show themselves. This stage will further ignite students' enthusiasm for learning, stimulate students' innovative consciousness, increase students' learning interest, and enhance the learning atmosphere on campus.


Speech by Deputy Dean Zhu Lujun


Zhu Lujun, the Deputy Dean of the College, Su Peng, the Deputy Director of the Department of Education, Wen Yucheng, the Deputy Director, and the instructor Xiong Yiyi visited the students' works


Exhibition Hall


After the opening ceremony, Vice President Zhu Lujun took a group photo with the teachers attending the event


Students' creative hand-made models


T 恤部分作品 Students creative hand-painted T -shirts some works