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College Holds 2017 Graduate Campus Job Fair

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月1日 上午8点30分,贵州喜乐年华建筑装饰工程有限公司、北京易尚国际装饰有限公司都匀分公司、都匀市读书郎商贸有限公司、都匀市安泽暖通工程有限公司、巨升影视投资有限公司、中国(贵州)居天下装饰有限公司等六家企业到校进行校园招聘。 At 8:30 on December 1 , Guizhou Xiilenianhuan Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., Beijing Yishang International Decoration Co., Ltd. Duyun Branch, Duyun City Shulang Trading Co., Ltd., Duyun Anze HVAC Engineering Co., Ltd. Six companies including Jusheng Film Investment Co., Ltd. and China (Guizhou) Jutianxia Decoration Co., Ltd. came to campus for campus recruitment.

At the job fair, the person in charge of each company introduced the company's profile and recruitment positions, salary and working hours, etc. to the students in detail, and communicated with on-site interviews to prospective students.

At the job fair, various companies provided more jobs, and 51 students from computer information management, architectural decoration, animation design, and game production were accepted for trial.


Person in charge of Jusheng Film and Television Investment Co., Ltd. made a recruitment presentation


Recruitment lecture by the head of Guizhou Xilenianhua Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.


Responsible person of Duyun City Anze HVAC Engineering Co., Ltd.


Beijing Yishang International Decoration Co., Ltd. Duyun Branch is responsible for recruitment video playback


Responsible person in charge of Duyun City Shulang Trading Company


Recruitment of Duyun Anze HVAC Engineering Co., Ltd.


Students listen carefully to the recruitment announcements of the heads of various companies