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College Holds 2017 Dual-election Conference for Graduates of Automobile Manufacturing and Maintenance Majors

Source: Office of the move on: Humer Date: 2016/11/24 9:27:43 Views: 0

23 日上午 9:00 中国众泰控股集团有限公司、 伯乐汽修联盟人力资源中心、 百效联盟人力资源中心 、比亚迪汽车制造有限公司、都匀市众为汽车修理厂等省内外五家汽修类企业到我校招聘汽车制造与维修专业的毕业生。 At 9:00 am on November 23 , China Zotye Holding Group Co., Ltd., Bole Auto Repair Alliance Human Resource Center, Baixiao Alliance Human Resource Center , BYD Auto Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Duyun City Zhongwei Auto Repair Shop and other five provinces inside and outside the province Auto repair companies come to our school to recruit graduates of automobile manufacturing and maintenance majors.

First of all, the person in charge of each company introduced the company's profile and recruitment positions and requirements through PPT and other forms. The students discussed the professional positions, working hours, wages and benefits, and various unexpected situations encountered after entering the company. Recruit person in charge to ask questions and get answers on site.

Secondly, the students combined the recruitment requirements of each company with their own situation, and selected the companies with interest to participate in the interview, and 90 students were finally accepted.

In the end, the leaders of the recruitment of various companies fully affirmed the students participating in our school in terms of professional theory, skills, and comprehensive quality, and encouraged more students to continue to study hard, learn skills, and achieve the future!

The holding of this double election will provide graduates with a variety of job opportunities.


Automobile manufacturing and maintenance graduates listen to corporate presentations


招聘负责人给学生现场解答 Recruitment officer of China Zotye Holdings Group Co., Ltd. answers students on-site


The head of the Human Resources Center of Baixiao Alliance made a recruitment presentation


Duyun City Public Recruitment for General Manager Li of Auto Repair Shop


招聘负责人做招聘宣讲 Recruitment Leader of Human Resource Center of Bole Auto Repair Union