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China Zotye Holding Group and other companies recruited in our hospital

Source: Office of the move on: Hurong Yao Release Date: 2016/11/21 17:18:16 Views: 0

年11月23日 (星期三)上午9:00,中国众泰控股集团、比亚迪股份有限公司、 深圳市百效联盟教育投资有限公司、 伯乐汽修联盟、 华拓金融服务外包有限公司到我校招聘,2014级 汽车制造与维修、 计算机、电子商务、市场营销专业的同学可参加此次双选会。 On November 23, 2016 (Wednesday) at 9:00 am, China Zotye Holdings Group, BYD Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Baixiao Alliance Education Investment Co., Ltd., Bole Auto Repair Alliance, Huatuo Financial Services Outsourcing Co., Ltd. came to our school to recruit , 2014 students in the majors of automobile manufacturing and maintenance, computer, e-commerce, and marketing can participate in this double election.