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Good news: the selection of outstanding results in experimental training equipment

Source: Office of education reform: Wen: Hing Fat Lu / map: Zhang Anming Date: 2016/11/22 11:22:41 Views: 0

Our academy actively organizes the teaching and research results of experimental training equipment to participate in the 15th National Scientific and Technological College's experimental training equipment scientific research results selection. After on-site evaluation by experts and mutual evaluation of participating schools, 27 first-class awards, 39 second-class awards, 75 third-class awards, and 47 outstanding awards were collectively evaluated. It is well-known on the list, and the specific achievements are as follows:


Our Academy will take this selection as an opportunity to further deepen our scientific research achievements in experimental training equipment, and make unremitting efforts for the society to train more and better excellent practical high-skilled talents!