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Students of our school have made great achievements in the 2016 Guizhou Province Technical College Skills Competition (Information)

Source: Computer and Information Center of: Wu Yuping Date: 2016/11/7 9:35:24 Views: 0

11 1 日至 3 日,贵州省技工院校和培训机构技能大赛(信息类项目)在贵州航天职业技术学院举行。 From November 1st to 3rd , 2016, the Guizhou Provincial Technical Colleges and Training Institutions Skills Competition (Information Project) was held at Guizhou Aerospace Vocational and Technical College. The leaders of our school attached great importance to this competition. With the strong support of the leaders of the Computer and Information Technology Center, the instructors of each event participated in the work of selflessness and devoted themselves to the preparation and training before the competition. 13 名选手参加 6 个项目的角逐,派出李智等 4 名教师参与本次大赛的裁判工作。 Our computer and information center sent 13 players including Chen Dingyong to participate in 6 competitions, and 4 teachers including Li Zhi to participate in the refereeing work of the competition.

CAD 机械设计”、“ 平面设计”、“ 网络搭建及应用”、“ 数字影音后期制作”、“ 三维动漫制作”、“ 综合布线” 6 个比赛项目。 There are 6 competition projects in this competition, including “ CAD mechanical design”, “ graphic design”, “ network construction and application”, “ digital audio and video post-production”, “ 3D animation production” and “ comprehensive wiring” . 2 项,二等奖 4 项,三等奖 2 项的好成绩(备注:网络搭建及应用、综合布线是团队赛,其他项目是个人赛)。 After a fierce competition, the contestants of our school won a total of 2 first prizes , 4 second prizes , and 2 third prizes. (Remarks: Network construction and application, integrated wiring are team competitions, other projects are individual Match).

This skill competition is a demonstration of the skill level of teachers and students in our school, and it is also a window for contestants to work hard, be brave, and show their spiritual outlook.   工匠精神 的不懈追求中。 Our teachers concentrate on studying and improving their skills; our students work hard and forge ahead, and we will devote ourselves to the unremitting pursuit of " craftsmanship " with a scientific attitude, high morale, innovative courage, and hard work in. The College Computer and Information Center will continue to improve the professional skills of teachers and students and make unremitting efforts for better results!


List of Awards


Our school teacher Cui Ying speaks as a referee representative


Group photo of our school team

Winning group photo


Network construction and application won first prize