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Enterprise awarded the title of "Excellent School-Enterprise Cooperation Unit"

Source: Office of the move on: Wang Yuxiang Date: 2016/11/7 10:37:32 Views: 0

7-9 月,学院送 234 名同学赴瑞仪光电(苏州)有限公司进行顶岗实习,由于领队教师严谨认真的管理及同学们的突出表现,赢得企业高度认可,授予学院 From July to September this year , the college sent 234 students to Ruiyi Optoelectronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. for post placement internships. Due to the rigorous and serious management of the leading teachers and the outstanding performance of the students, the college won high recognition from the enterprise and was awarded the college Honorary title of "Excellent School-enterprise Cooperation Unit"; Fan Zhong Middle School, leader of the college, and Comrade Li Minghua were also named "excellent teacher".