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Guizhou Province electronic information technician college and Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Shenzhen-fly cooperative set up training classes

Source: Office of the move on: Liu Hongyan Date: 2016/10/20 18:24:26 Views: 0

For the training to adapt to the corporate culture and professional skills of employees meet the job needs to help students adjust to advance professional roles change, improve the ability to adapt to the post. Schools and companies to establish long-term cooperation between schools and enterprises, the creation of "fly Photoelectric training classes."


the opening ceremony

9 21 日早上深圳聚飞光电股份有限公司代表与我院招生就业办公室肖主任进行了交流,并对院校积极的准备表示感谢。 Thanks to the vigorous publicity and preparations of our university in the early days, a representative of Shenzhen Jufei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. exchanged with Director Xiao of the admissions and employment office of our college on the morning of September 21 , and thanked the college for its active preparation. 16 30 分召集了 75 名学生参加宣讲会,向学生展示了公司的发展、现状及未来规划。 At 16:30 in the afternoon, 75 students were convened to participate in the lecture, showing the company's development, current status and future plans. 49 名学生组建“聚飞光电实训班”,并一起参加了实训班的开班仪式及企业文化的学习。 After the completion of the voluntary register for preaching "fly Photoelectric training class" by students, through resume screening and interview, and ultimately hire 49 students to organize a "fly Photoelectric training classes," and participated in the opening ceremony together and training classes corporate culture of learning.


Statement by representatives of leading institutions and companies speak


Training classes and students to share Jufei corporate culture

The school with the company since the first time to carry out cooperation in the form of training classes, and laid a solid foundation for further cooperation with enterprises, personnel transport, the latter will arrange for a monthly plan learning business courses. 达到企业人才需求目标。 We hope that through this way, our students quickly achieve business objectives demand talent.


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