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A business   Lay the foundation

1975 9 月- 1979 10 月) ( September 1975 - October 1979 )


First, the school background

The Fourth Ministry of Machinery Industry of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the Fourth Ministry of Machinery), in order to address the demand for skilled workers in the third-tier enterprises in Guizhou Province, on September 12, 1975, (0) No. 0945 was approved by No. 0835 Base , 3264 factory, agreed to open a technical school in Zunyi 3264 factory, the school name is "Zunyi Radio Technical School", the nature is subordinate, admissions are included in the Guizhou Province admissions plan, all enrollment is divided; the school is co-managed by the Ministry and the 08.3 base. The Party Committee of the 3264 Factory was entrusted to unified leadership. The academic system is tentatively planned for two years. The scale is: 200 students at school, 100 students are enrolled each year, and two types of radio machining (including turning, clamping, milling) and radio assembly and debugging are set up. There are 30 faculty members and graduates mainly to meet the needs of skilled workers in the electronics industry base of Guizhou (affiliated companies are located in Zunyi, Duyun, and Kaili). The teaching staff, teaching equipment, facilities, and logistical guarantee conditions are to be solved by the 1983 base and 3264 factory. The education funding is allocated by the Ministry of Machinery and Equipment in accordance with the prepared budget.

年10月20日 ,由0八三基地颁发的“遵义无线电技工学校”印章经3264厂下文正式启用。 On October 20, 1975 , the "Zunyi Radio Technological School" seal issued by the 1983 base was officially opened by the 3264 factory. At this point, Zunyi Radio Technical School (hereinafter referred to as Zunyi Technical School) has completed the preparatory work.


Relocation of Duyun

年10月29日 ,都匀无线电技工学校首任校长郭殿奎至遵义技校代表0八三基地传达四机部(79)四计字1715号文件,并就两校合并遵义技校搬迁的具体时间和要求与3264厂领导和遵义技校负责同志进行磋商,启动由遵义3264厂搬迁都匀工作,遵义技校从此进入了新的发展阶段。 On October 29, 1979 , the first principal of Duyun Radio Technical School, Guo Diankui, and Zunyi Technical School delivered the No.1715 Sijizi (79) Sijizi on behalf of the 08.3 Base. Requested consultations with the leaders of the 3264 factory and the responsible comrades of Zunyi Technical School to start the relocation of Zunyi 3264 Factory to Duyun. Since then, Zunyi Technical School has entered a new stage of development.



Second venture   Expand development space

1979 11 月- 1997 5 月) ( November 1979 - May 1997)


I. Historical background of the establishment of Duyun Radio Technical School

年,设在贵州的0八三基地所属三线建设项目历经十余年建设,大部分项目顺利完成预期建设目标并相继投产,为国家经济建设和国防事业发挥了巨大作用,对各类人员的需求,特别是生产第一线的技术工人的需求俱增。 In 1979 , the third-line construction project of the 08.3 Base in Guizhou has been under construction for more than ten years. Most of the projects successfully completed the expected construction goals and were put into production one after another, which played a huge role for the national economic construction and national defense cause. Demand is increasing, especially for skilled workers on the front line. Under the planned economy system, various professional and technical talents of the various units affiliated to the O.83 base are allocated by the state according to the plan. Among them, technical workers mainly come from several secondary professional schools and technical schools directly under the former Ministry of Machinery Industry. However, the number of skilled workers allocated to each of the 183 bases each year is limited and cannot meet the needs of enterprise development.

The 1036 Ministry of the Fourth Ministry of Machinery Industry is located in the Longpan ravine 16 kilometers east of Duyun City, Guizhou Province. Construction began in 1966, and the basic construction has not yet been completed. It was merged with the 1038 in July 1978 due to the state plan adjustment. Personnel were merged into 1038. The former site of the 1036 Research Institute and the volunteers left behind were managed by the O83 base, and the O83 base immediately established a general research institute here, and was transferred to Comrade Guo Diankui as the director (after the establishment of Duyun Radio Technical School, The overall institute was withdrawn and merged into the technical school). The 1036 Institute is the product of third-line construction. The former site of the 1036 Institute covers an area of more than 412 acres, with a construction area of more than 40,000 square meters and a considerable number of various machine tools, equipment, instruments and meters. Among them, there is a scientific research building with a construction area of more than 6000 square meters and a production workshop of more than 10,000 square meters, as well as 10 employee residential buildings, 4 single-person dormitory buildings, nurseries, canteens, health centers, boiler rooms, Supporting building complexes such as children's schools, complete with water and electricity supply facilities, objectively provide conditions for the use of its old site to open a large technical school to meet the needs of skilled workers in the companies affiliated to the base. Based on the above two factors and the long-term goal of the third-line construction, the Fourth Machine Department and the Eighty-three Bases established Duyun Radio Technical School by using 1036 sites.


2. Approval of school establishment documents   Components of Guizhou Education Center, Ministry of Electronics Industry   Management mechanism   Evolution of the leadership team and internal institutions

年10月,经四机部(79)四计字1715号文件正式批准成立都匀无线电技工学校,郭殿奎任校长,遵义无线电技工学校迁址都匀。 In October 1979 , the Duyun Radio Technical School was officially approved by the Fourth Machine Department (79) Sijizi No. 1715. Guo Diankui was the principal and the Zunyi Radio Technical School was relocated to Duyun. The Document No.1715 of Sijizi (79) Sijizi also clearly stipulates that Duyun Radio Technician School is an independent county-level formation unit. The funding is financed by the Ministry of Machinery and Equipment. Professional, with a scale of 600 students. In March 1980, students who were relocated from the former Zunyi Technical School took classes at the new school location. On October 20, 1980, the Ministry of Four Machinery approved the establishment of the Guizhou Education Center of the Ministry of Electronic Engineering (laterly the Guizhou Education Center of the Ministry of Electronics Industry) with the document [(80) 计 字 1913]. The regulations are composed of three teaching units of Duyun Radio Technological School, Guizhou Regional Enterprise Leading Cadre Training Course, and 083 Base Workers Electronic Industry College, and a set of institutions and a leadership team. The name of the party committee is "Guizhou Education Center Committee of the Ministry of Electronics of the Communist Party of China." The administrative leader is the principal and deputy principal of Duyun Radio Technical School, and concurrently the principal and deputy of the Electronic Industry College of the Workers' and Workers Base. Initially appointed by the Fourth Machinery Department, and later changed to the Guizhou Administration of the Fourth Machinery Department. Document No. 1913 of the Fourth Ministry also specified that the education center was managed by the 1983 base. It also stipulates that the number of students in the education center is 850, of which 600 are in Duyun Radio Technological School, 150 are in the Institute of Electronic Industry of Workers, and 100 are in training courses for enterprise leaders. The ratio of faculty, staff and students is 280 at a ratio of 1: 3. In April 1982, the Ministry of Fourth Machinery approved the document No. 82 (47) 1047, and agreed to start a vocational technical secondary school in the base of accounting in August 1983. In September 1982, 58 students were enrolled. It was closed after graduation in July 1984.

In the month of the establishment of the Duyun Radio Technical School, the 08.3 base approved the establishment of an interim party committee with the Ji Danggan (79) 42 document, due to the formation of 9 members including Jing Xuan.

From 1979 to 1986, the Duyun Radio Technical School implemented a unified leadership system for the party committee. At the end of 1986, following the decentralization of Guizhou Province with China Zhenhua Electronics Industry Corporation, the division of labor responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee was implemented. In 1997, the new leadership team adjusted to implement the principal responsibility system.



Three start-ups   Cast brilliant

1997 6 月- 2015 12 月) ( June 1997- December 2015)


I. The dawn of tragedy ushered in the trough

China Zhenhua Electronics (Group) Company (Base 83) decided to adjust the main party and government of Duyun Radio Technical School based on the situation of the leadership team of Duyun Radio Technical School and the desire of the majority of employees to adjust the school leadership and the needs of the future development of the school leadership. In April and May 1997, Guo Zhenzhong, party secretary, and Deng Fujun, principal of the party, successively arrived. At this point, the school has completed the adjustment of the main members of the leadership team. This time, the main members of the leadership team were relocated to Duyun Radio Technician School in 1036. Therefore, for the first time, the main leadership of the party and government of the school was transferred from an external unit at the same time. A long-term relationship network with members of the leadership team as the core, strengthening management, rectifying school discipline and discipline, completing teaching, relocation, and seeking survival and development opportunities are of key significance. At the meeting of middle-level cadres, they proposed the idea that the main body of the school would be moved to Duyun City, which caused widespread concern among the teaching staff.


Zhenhua No.1 Middle School merged into Duyun Radio Technical School

Zhenhua No.1 Middle School, full name "China Zhenhua Electronics Group No.1 Middle School", was founded in 1984. The Ministry of Electronics Industry was established with the approval of (84) Dian Ji Zi No. 1347 in order to solve the problem of difficulty in enrolling the children of employees in enterprises and institutions. The number of approved students is 900 (including junior high school), 295 teaching staff, and covers an area of 50 acres. O Eighty-three Bases approved the school's administrative level to be the county level. The first principal Liao Guocai. In July 1985, more than 100 high school freshmen were recruited for the first time, divided into four teaching classes.

Under the planned economy system, middle schools with better local conditions absorb employees of the employees of enterprises and institutions affiliated to the Duyun area in the 83rd base. The number of children of the employees of the enterprises and institutions is limited. Most of the children of the employees attend Zhenhua No. 1 Middle School. It has maintained a high rate of advancement, and has achieved good results in the single subject competitions for middle school students, and has a certain reputation in Duyun area.

Since 1992, enrollment expansion of well-known local high schools, some companies of China Zhenhua Electronics (Group) Co., Ltd. have relocated to Guiyang, which has reduced the number of students in Zhenhua No. 1 Middle School year by year. In order to solve the problem of the way out of the two schools, the Eighth Base Base merged Zhenhua No. 1 Middle School into the Duyun Radio Technical School in August 1997 with Jirenzi (1997) 008.


3. Became a national key senior technical school and approved to establish a technician college

年7月,在省州劳动部门关怀支持下,我校开始启动“双申报”工作。 In July 2000, with the support of the provincial and state labor departments, our school started the "dual declaration" work. In May 2001, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security approved Letters [2001] Nos. 57 and 9 of the Ministry of Labor to approve our school as a national key technical school, and approved the establishment of Guizhou Electronic Information Senior Technical School.

年12月由贵州省劳动和社会保障厅、教育厅、省发改委批准技师学院试点(贵州省首批首家),2011年6月由省政府批准正式成立的。 The pilot of the Technician College was approved by Guizhou Provincial Labor and Social Security Department, Education Department, and Provincial Development and Reform Commission in December 2005 (the first batch of the first in Guizhou Province), and was formally established by the provincial government in June 2011.

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