School Idea

为国家经济建设和社会发展进步培养中高级技能人才 Purpose of running a school: Cultivate middle- and senior-skilled talents for national economic construction and social development progress

按市场经济规律办学,以市场为导向;以用人单位需要为教育培养目标,以学生为中心,服务百姓就业 School-running philosophy: run the school according to the laws of the market economy, take the market as the guide; take the needs of the employer as the educational training target, and take the student as the center to serve the employment of the people

艰苦创业,无私奉献,拼搏进取,开拓创新 The spirit of running a school: hard work, selfless dedication, hard work, pioneering and innovative

省内领先,国内一流 Goal: Leading in the province, domestic first-class

质量为本,突出技能;面向市场,诚信服务;全面发展,争创一流 Quality policy: quality-oriented, outstanding skills; market-oriented, honest service; comprehensive development, striving for first-class

有技能、有体能、会做人、会生活 Educational goals: have skills, have physical fitness, can be a person, can live

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