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Dean's Speech

41 年来,从最初的一个年级一个班 55 名学生,到如今 220 个班级, 6300 余名在校生;从普通技工学校,到国家重点技工学校、高级技工学校、技师学院;从培养中级技工,到完全培养高级技工和技师;从名不见经传,到贵州省最好的技师学院、国家高技能人才培训基地、国家示范学校,再到省内领先、国内一流的高技能人才培养基地。 In the 41 years since its establishment, from the first grade of 55 students to 220 classes, there are now more than 6,300 students; from ordinary technical schools to national key technical schools, senior technical schools, and technician colleges; Cultivate intermediate technicians to fully train senior technicians and technicians; from unknown names, to the best technician colleges in Guizhou Province, national high-skilled talent training bases, national demonstration schools, to the province's leading and domestic first-class high-skilled talent training base. 多年历尽风雨和坎坷,诞生于计划经济,也曾辉煌于计划经济;失落于市场经济,又鼎立于市场经济 …… 几代人艰辛努力,换来今天的成就十分的不易! After 40 years of ups and downs, it was born in the planned economy and once glorious in the planned economy; lost in the market economy and standing in the market economy ... Generations of hard work, it is very difficult to get today's achievements!

May our colleges (schools) continue to develop and continue to develop;

I hope that one generation will surpass one generation and create a better future for the college (school).

Sincere thanks to all those who have worked hard and contributed to the development of the college (school);

I sincerely wish that the students from various periods of the college (school) contribute more to the country and have a successful career.

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